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Our beautiful collection of threader earrings in 925 Sterling Silver features lots of different popular designs, including hearts, stars, moons, butterflies, bees, geometric styles, plain threaders and much, much more.

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About Threader earrings

Threader earrings (or pull through earrings) have seen a huge growth in popularity in recent years, along with the trend to combine different types of earrings ('ear stacks'). Celebs have helped drive this trend, like our fav stunning babe Scarlett Johansson, and the gorgeous Nicole Richie who rocks threaders alongside studs, danglies and cuffs in many of her looks.

Threader earring FAQs

What are threader earrings?

Threader earrings are made up of an ear post, a length of fine chain and a decorative part. Some threader earrings are plainer, having two ear posts either end of the chain. You push the post through the hole and gently pull through until the chain is sitting through your ear hole - with the post hanging down at the back and typically a decorative element hanging at the front.

What are threader earrings made from?

Like other types of earring, you can buy threaders as costume (plated) or fine jewellery (Sterling Silver or Gold). We would always recommend fine jewellery for threaders. Costume jewellery is well known to potentially irritate the ears, especially if the earrings are left in for long periods. We do not sell any costume jewellery on this site.

How do you put on a threader earring?

To put on the earring, you push the post through your ear then gently pull until the chain is through your ear. Usually you'll make sure that the front and back parts of the earring are equal. However, some types have a decorative element that can be pulled right up to the ear so that most of the threader earring is hanging at the back.

What are the different types of threader earring?

There are quite a few different variations to threader earrings. For example:

  • Ear post + length of chain + decorative element.
  • Length of chain and two ear posts (one either end of the chain).
  • Those with a longer length of chain to wear either as 'shoulder dusters' or to loop through two piercings.
  • Ear post + length of chain + decorative element that is meant to be pulled right up to the ear hole.
  • Decorative ear post (e.g. a gentle spiral) + length of chain + decorative element.

How do you wear threader earrings?

There are a number of ways you can wear threader earrings - this depends on the style you buy, how long the chain is and how many piercings you have. For example:

  • On their own: Threader earrings look beautiful and eye catching as a single piercing, whether you're off to the office or out on the town.
  • Double threader: If you have an upper and lower lobe piercing, you can wear two pairs of threaders - mixing and matching your designs!
  • Looped: Longer threader earrings can be looped through a double piercing, either as a spiral or 'sewn through' with a loop at the front.

For more inspiration on the different types and how they can be worn, see our blog How to wear threader earrings.

Are threader earrings comfortable?

Threader earrings are super comfortable to put on and wear - you won't even remember that you have them on! They're actually far more comfortable to sleep in than regular earrings too, as they have no rigid posts or lumpy backs. However, if you're wearing very long or looped threaders and you have long hair, you might want to take them out before sleeping, in case they get tangled.

Are threader earrings safe?

Like all earrings, threaders should be kept clean and sterile. Earrings are a magnet for bacteria since effectively they sit in a fold of your skin. The fine chain on threaders provides lots of places for bacteria to linger! It's advisable to regularly clean your earrings using rubbing alcohol or a specialised earring solution. Avoid wearing them if your piercing is irritated, sore or infected (instead, switch to a simple silver, gold or surgical steel stud and use an appropriate treatment until the problem goes away).

Are threader earrings suitable for sensitive ears?

The post and chain that passes through your ear on this type of earring is just as thin as any other earring (in fact, the chain is usually a little thinner). Provided that you choose fine jewellery (Sterling Silver or Gold), you put in and pull out the earring carefully and you keep your earrings sterile and clean, they should not cause any discomfort at all, even for sensitive ears. We would not, however, recommend wearing this type of earring if you already have irritation (for example, due to an infection or a previous sensitivity to costume jewellery). Deal with the problem first before you wear threaders.

Will threader earrings fall out of my ear?

For most people, threader earrings will sit quite comfortably in the ear and won't budge. However, if your ear piercing is a little wider, you might find you quickly lose your favourite earrings! A simple solution is to put the earrings on and then thread a rubber earring back stopper onto the back of each earring. However, take care - these need to be very soft/flexible, or they may break the earring.