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We offer a small selection of affordably priced Sterling Silver double piercing earrings to complement our range, delivered to you quickly in our pretty packaging!

About our Double Piercing earrings

We offer a small range of double piercing earrings that have two studs/ear posts per earring. These are great where you have your upper lobe and helix pierced (not sure what we mean? Check out this ear piercing diagram!). One post goes in the upper lobe and the other goes in the helix, with the chain hanging in between. Of course, you can connect any of your piercings using a double earring like this - they also look great connecting upper and lower lobe piercings, for example.

Whilst threader earrings make up the majority of our earring range, we do like to feature a small line of other types of complementary earrings, especially as many of our threader customers have multiple piercings.

We also offer threader earrings of a longer length that are perfect for double piercings.

We hope you love these double piercing earrings as much as we do!