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Threader Earrings FAQs

What are threader earrings?

Threader earrings have a length of fine chain, with one end attached to a thin metal post (like an earring post) and the other having something decorative such as a star or heart. You put the thin metal post through your ear and gently pull, until it is the fine chain that goes through your ear. The post then hangs behind the ear and the decorative part hangs in front.

Are threader earrings safe?

Sterling Silver threader earrings are as safe as any other sterling silver earrings, provided that you keep them clean and sterile to prevent infection or irritation or infection. You should wipe down the post and chain with rubbing alcohol or a specialised solution for earrings and allow it to dry before putting on the earrings. Be gentle when you pull the earring through your ear. You should avoid these earrings if your ear is already irritated or sore - instead, wear a simple stud and treat the irritation / infection.

How do I insert threader earrings?

Hold the threader earring by its post. Put the post all the way through your ear hole. Still holding the post, gently pull the earring through your ear until the length of the earring is about the same at the front and back. The fine chain will now be through your ear.

How do I stop my threader earrings from falling out?

For most people, threader earrings will sit quite snugly in the ear hole and will not move. However, if the hole you have inserted the piercing in is a little large, they may fall out. One solution is to use rubber earring stoppers which you can slide onto the post of the earring at the back of your ear, once you have positioned it.

Can you sleep in threader earrings?

You can sleep in threader earrings like any other earring. Some plain designs, because they are less rigid than other types of earring, are extremely comfortable to sleep in. However (like other earrings), if you are wearing a fancy design, you may feel it pressing when you lie down, and there is a small risk it may get caught in your hair as you sleep. If you do sleep in your earrings, remember to remove and clean them regularly with rubbing alcohol or a specialised solution for earrings, to prevent the bacteria from building up on the earring.

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